There You Were…

There You Were…


I have longed to embrace the warmth

Of a creature of my own

Whose eyes assure it knows me

By my soft, melodic tone


I place no motives or presumptions

upon this gentle soul

only that in their journey

they arrive safe and whole


I prefer to trust in chance

though it is not always quite clear

the promise of hope consoles me

with a cool whisper in my ear


As I stepped through the doorway to find you

There you were…


You dove into matter

Swimming through space

Now you sit in stillness

Bathed by grace


Enveloped in sweet slumber

Content in your world

your heart beats with mine

Tight-fisted and curled


With the moment drawing near

There you were…


Words spill out from within

hoping to be spoken

Each breath a wave that rises and falls

They build, then crash when broken


For hours we danced tightly

bound in sweat and pain

You entered as we all do

With only love to gain


From the moment I first saw you

I instinctively knew

With your hand over my heart

our love was always true


I have long waited for this day

There you were…


Tender and exposed

Without guilt or blame

Your smile glowed like morning dewdrops

Your spirit knew no shame


With blissful tears of gratitude

Like a fountain overflowing

You brought meaning to my life

Without ever even knowing


With loving devotion

I held you, and I’d stroke you, and I’d coo

While a fondness grew inside me

For this being I now knew


As I watched you grow

There you were…


Through the windows of my mind

Your light came pouring in

Golden rays of sunshine

Beaming from within


Your laughter rolled like thunder

upon the summer wind

As we lay beneath the sky

My doubts I did transcend


As you came into your own

There you were…


I watched your lonesome presence

Sob upon the hillside

torn and left in silence

like a question unreplied


Deep in thought you wonder

stargazing, drifting in time

searching for unwoken dreams

And ideas you find sublime


As I let you go

I think back to that special day

When you came into my life


Oh my child

There you were…


-Written by Denise Wilbanks and Ryan Wilbanks