A New Journey Jan30


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A New Journey

Over the last 12 years I have been contemplating the possibility of becoming a senior trainer for the More to Life organization.  A non-profit group who specializes in teaching techniques whereby as individuals we become aware of behaviors we play out unconsciously, spilling over into our every day life and keeping us from attaining our dreams and aspirations. I was a life-changing program I took in early 1999.

Last week I finally made the bold move and placed my written intention for this position at the hands of Dr. Richard Perry who directs this organization.  Excited about the possibilities, I gathered the necessary pieces of data concerning my background, vision and overall desire to join the team of other senior trainers.  Dr. Perry responded back, asking me to dig deeper and really get in touch with the “why” for my intention.

The underlying theme found on William Earnest Henley’s poem Invictus, has spearheaded almost every journey I have ever embarked.  “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”.  Paradoxically, this particular journey requires I board a vessel of discovery with a different set of eyes, letting go of the ship’s wheel and allowing for it to steer me to my port of call.  My mind’s eye envisions myself standing atop the rail of the ship’s head looking into the sunset with arms spread into the wind, like in the iconic pose with Leornardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet aboard Tatanic. A weightless and joyful surrender of any resistance I may have to the final outcome.

As usual, the journey begins the moment one declares one’s choices.  Last night while watching Oprah Winfrey interview Sean Penn, who has been in Haiti since the 2010-devastating earthquake, I found the bottom of my true intention.  Although Sean was a bit tight lipped about why he continued to aid in Haiti, one could see straight through to his heart. A modest man who is focused on the task at hand, rather than the attention he could receive by waving his own flag. However subtle, his demeanor reflected a deep ocean of love and devotion to the human race. To say the least, I was moved.

In many ways this is how I see my own journey, not exactly being affixed to the direction I’m headed, rather trusting that whatever efforts I incur will lead me to where I am to be. At the core of the matter, there is a longing for being a part of the whole, whatever the “whole” is; the glue making us gravitate towards each other cognizant that we belong as one.

At exactly 1:57a.m.  I was awakened by my brains activity and in the background I heard the lyrics of If I could

 If I could, I would help you

 Make it through the hungry years

But I know that I can never cry your tears

But I would, if I could

Right then and there, I knew that what makes us tick as human beings is compassion. No other species on the face of the earth can express the desire to behold another in his or her hour of need. Love drives us into each other and then rewards us both by elevating us through its connection. It grounds its energy beneath our feet lifting us into a magic carpet, offering a ride of absolute rapture.