I Am – Poem and Video Jan10


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I Am – Poem and Video

I AM Poem – Denise Wilbanks from Denise Wilbanks on Vimeo.

I am the wind

sweeping from the east

billowing over oceans

rippling into shores

bubbling into sand,

in that sand

I Am


I am the dewdrop

falling from oak leafs

feathering the moss

crossing over lush hills

forming into mountains,

in that mountain

I Am


I am the sun and the moon

kissing in the distance

smiling in the summer

weeping in the winter

descending in a flake,

in that flake

I Am


I am the seed

traveling with the sparrow

landing on the flower

bracing over meadows

carpeting the range,

in that range

I Am


I am your brother

weaving in, throughout your existence

crossing on your pathway

leaving all resistance

pulsating in the heart,

in that heart

I Am


I am your reflection

looking in the mirror

waving back at childhood

dancing through the willows

running out of breath,

in that breath

I Am


I Am


I Am

and will forever