I See You Nov02


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I See You

In gentle harmony my heart beats, intertwining a breath,

a thought, a note produced by the sound of a distant echo.

Out of darkness the sun paints it’s brilliant colors upon my face.

And in the next instant I am born.


This past weekend I delighted in watching two of my favorite spiritual authors. Eckhart Tolle and Dr. Wayne Dyer formed an amazing duo streaming live from Maui, Hawaii directly onto my computer screen.

A number of topics where touched on: death, ego, goals, our human identity with nature, healing and so on. All were delectably addressed by both speakers. Wayne Dyer narrated a few pieces of history in his lifetime whereby he had extracted a particular lesson leading to the ultimate oneness of love. Eckhart Tolle’s central theme alluded to a grounding awareness of source, that which is formless and can be perceived in the stillness of thought. The Navi in me wishes to say to both teachers, “I see you”.

Out of the many moving and inspiring things these two verbally affluent men had to say, one chord struck a higher pitch for me. As both authors compared notes from their writing methodologies, they spoke of the energy manifesting through them in creation of what wants to be expressed. While this may not be particularly earth shattering to some, it certainty was to me. Hearing them each share their writing experiences, transported me back to the process of developing my own book. I still remember the vivid sensation of moving at a very rapid speed, almost as if I had boarded a supersonic vehicle. My body felt as if G-forces were taking me aback. A ring of golden light framed my peripheral vision, while my sight focused on the whiteboard screen ahead. A constant stream of uncensored words twinkletoe in a fluid and mystical dance. Upon each days completion, my satisfaction compensated for the lingering jet-lag effect.

I do concur that, there is an element of resonance emanating throughout the aether calling out our name. The writing process in and of itself is a journey of discovery and connectedness. One filled with ecstatic wonderment.

As I move forth, facing my own challenges as a new author, I know in all reality I have already succeeded. I rest knowing my soul has surrendered to it’s duality. The greatest lesson taken away from my first writing adventure, was to come face to face with the illusion cast by my own reflection and understand that is not I. And so, by the light of day I contemplate my shadow, while by the darkness of night I continue to unshackle my light.