One breath, One yes… Oct27


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One breath, One yes…

Over the years, I have been enamored with the topic of love. There is a particular mysticism that veils and wraps me in with it. Perhaps it stems from the romantic aspect of my Latin ethnicity. Nonetheless it’s got me at “hello.” Love is a subject that has captivated many, and it would be fair to say that I share equally in this fascination. Everywhere you turn, some close cousin of love is chiming its bell. For example, a great percentage of musical lyrics include words on lost love, finding love, yearning for a loved one, and various other derivations evoking the term love with reference to a romantic mood.

Defining love has been difficult, even for Webster. So what is it? Where, when, and how do we find it? Society goes about the expression of love in ways perplexing to logic. The course we take in search of Love is not always clear. Often in life, our internal GPS has either failed, giving us faulty directions toward our goals, or worse, has lost its charge altogether. However perplexed, some of us arrive at unknown destinations asking where we are and what we must do to find our way back, while others simply sit by the side of the road wondering when help will arrive.

I believe every destination has a purpose, even when we fail to recognize that purpose. Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and it looks like work.” So, is there such a thing as being lost, or is it an opportunity to find a new course?

I’m of the opinion that life, the universe acts out of Love and has a hand in surrounding us with a variety of bewildering circumstances that open the door to new possibilities. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too are new and uncharted horizons in the eye of those whose minds behold change.

Without an awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, we simply move about with the usual demands, judgments, expectations, and the typical reactivity to life’s offerings. It should come as no surprise that mending the hole in the fabric of our being is a one-person job. The relationship we conjure up with the quiet space at the core of our self will be the determining factor in how we rise into love.

Love is the essence to which all things are suspended by Grace. The experiences that have led me to this defining version of love have all been spiritual in nature. There is a pervading feeling of being held, a symbiotic relationship of oneness.

As you move forth into your journey, I invite you to reconnect with your self, that one aspect of continuity lying by the depth of your shadow. Reach in an unearth the spirit that refuses to be denied. Unleash the fire and passion that moves through you. It only takes one breath, one yes.